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Do you work on foreign cars? Yes, we work on most foreign cars.  Please call us to discuss what type of car you have and we'll advise you accordingly, 847-362-2818.

How often should I change the oil in my car?

The normal recommendation is to change it every 3,000 miles or 3 months.  People who may only drive in town and not even 3,000 miles a year I recommend at least twice a year. Those who may put on 3,000 miles in a month could extend it to 5,000 miles but remember a oil change is cheap and a engine replacement is very expensive So your better off to stick with the normal recommendation.

Why do cars need preventative maintenance?

Why preventive maintance

Manufacturers know that a properly maintained car will be more dependable, safer, last longer, and increase your satisfaction with their product.CAr makers and owners also have a reponsibility to make sure emission controls receive regular service and are functioning properly. regular maintenance helps accomplish these goals

What's in it for you?

A more dependable car

A car that retains the "new car feel"

Less chance of a costly breakdown

A safer car for you and your family

A car worth more at trade in or sale

What can I do to get better fuel mileage?

There are many things that can help some are very simple that the average consumer can do.

* Check your tire inflation, set them to maxiumum pressure when cold

* Make sure your air filter is clean

* If your check engine lite is on have your mechanic tell you what is wrong

* Tune up your engine, if your vehicle uses platinum spark plugs and you have 75,000 miles those plugs are 3/4 worn out a fresh set may help with fuel consumption.

* If your temperature gauge always reads low have your thermostat replaced and coolant temp sensor checked

 These are a few things that can be done to help you out if you think your car is consuming to much fuel. For more hints or questions answered contact G&R Auto Repair 847-362-2818








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